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Former Mindshare CEO Jed Glanvill launches media specialist

Former Mindshare CEO Jed Glanvill launches media specialist

By Arif Durrani,, 09 January 2014, 10:18AM

Jed Glanvill, the former Mindshare UK chief executive and EMEA regional leader, has launched Glanvill&Co, described as a new breed of specialist firm, which can offer flexible, senior talent and solutions on tap.


Jed Glanvill: launches Glanvilll&Co

The Glanvill&Co business model is based on the franchise approach that is growing elsewhere in the professional services sector, as well as the interim management models, but has yet to be applied to the media business.

The company, which opens for business today, is a collective of professional media specialists expert in strategic planning, account management, digital and analytics, based in Central London.

Glanvill&Co follows the belief that while it is now a technology and data-driven media world, it is still talent that makes the difference.

The way that an advertiser allocates its media investment, how this activity integrates across the business and how its effect is measured, are all areas where smart decisions will increase brand value and sales revenue.

Glanvill&Co believes that in a complex media world, these decisions merit an increased professional focus delivered by talented individuals working in a new, flexible way.

Glanvill said: "I have looked at the UK media industry from the outside in and think there are opportunities to do things differently. I believe that smart media thinking is more valuable than ever to advertisers because of its integral role in business success and because of the long tail of digital media options now available."

"The existing agency groups are all extremely good companies, very well resourced with talented people. That said, I think there is room for new ways of working and talented people are also motivated and attracted to flexible working models and partnership-based firms."

Glanvill, who was a leader at Mindshare UK for 13 years, left the WPP media agency last summer.

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