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Former Mindshare CEO Jed Glanvill joins Quikkly as a business advisor

Quikkly - iOSAndroid and online – creators of action tags, what QR codes should have been.

Quikkly, the UK-based startup behind Quikkly Action Tags today announces the appointment of former Mindshare CEO Jed Glanvill to support Quikkly’s drive with agencies and brands in the UK.

Action Tags are what QR Codes should have been. Action Tags are easily understood by people and are optimized for instant actions in mobile apps. They are created specifically for mobile and are customizable, manageable and trackable. 

Key points:

  • Former Mindshare CEO Jed Glanvill joins Quikkly as an advisor 
  • Focusing on the brand and agency side of the business 
  • Thousands of businesses are already using Quikkly Tags to make it easier for their customers to follow or like them socially, leave reviews or connect to Wi-Fi 

London, UK, 24th February 2015 – Quikkly, inventors of the Action Tag and leaders in bridging the offline and online worlds, today announced that Jed Glanvill, former CEO of leading global media agency Mindshare, is joining Quikkly in an advisory capacity to support Quikkly’s drive to help marketers everywhere leverage the power of Quikkly to bring static media and physical world objects to digital life. 

Jed Glanvill is one of the most experienced media professionals in the UK and most recently held the position of Chairman UK and EMEA regional leader of Mindshare. Glanvill spent over 13 years with Mindshare, leaving to found glanvill&Co, his own interim talent management and consultancy firm, operating in the media, digital and marketing sector. Glanvill has worked with some of the world’s biggest and well-known advertisers including Unilever, Nestle, Ford and Nike. 

Launched in late 2014 on iOS, Android and the web, Quikkly’s Action Tags make online actions instantly accessible in the real world. When people see a Tag they are interested in, they scan using Quikkly – or a Quikkly enabled app – and something amazing happens straight away. Scan the Spotify Tag to play the song in the Spotify app right now. Scan and you have ‘Liked’ on Facebook or ‘Followed’ on Twitter. Quikkly enables consumers to engage more effectively than anything else out there, due to the simplicity, clarity, manageability and traceability of Action Tags.

The Tech City-based startup has already gained considerable interest and traction. Since launch, over 5,000 businesses across the globe have used Quikkly’s build-your-own online and mobile services to create Action Tags, which helps consumers to get the most out of what those businesses have to offer. Businesses in the US, Europe and Asia are using Quikkly, ranging from sole traders and SMEs through to large brands, publishers and more. Quikkly Action Tags have been used in print adverts; packaging, event spaces, retail and on personal media like business cards. In January, Quikkly was named one of Britain’s top 10 mobile startups to watch in 2015.

“We met Jed prior to launch and he shared our vision for a simpler yet smarter solution to the perennial problem of bridging offline and online experiences”, said Fergal Walker, CEO of Quikkly. “Quikkly is already showing engagement numbers far higher than alternative technologies. We have started to preview version 2.0 with brands and agencies and it’s another big step forward. Jed has substantial experience in the world of marketing communications and is in a perfect position to help Quikkly to accelerate our growth by building partnerships.”

“The mobile technology that drives Quikkly makes it faster and more effective for people than previous applications in this space. By instantly bridging the offline and online worlds, Quikkly creates value add engagement opportunities for brands”, added Jed Glanvill.

Quikkly is available to download for free from the App Store and Google Play.

For more information about Quikkly, visit 

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About Quikkly

Quikkly is the first and only company offering Action Tags, which enable anyone to connect to the stuff they want – lightning fast. Quikkly is free for everyone (Brands, Agencies or Individuals) to use – and it only takes a few moments to set up a Quikkly Action Tag via your mobile or the web-based platform. Quikkly is available globally. Quikkly is privately funded with its headquarters in London, UK.