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[24]7 and glanvill&Co Form Strategic Partnership to Deliver Customer Acquisition Cloud in the UK and Europe

Marketing technology suite personalises offers to consumers and helps businesses increase the ROI of customer acquisition programmes

London, UK— May 9, 2016 

News Summary

 [24]7, the global leader in customer engagement solutions, announced a strategic partnership with UK-based media and marketing consultancy glanvill&Co to deliver its newly launched [24]7 Customer Acquisition Cloud to European media agencies and advertisers.

The [24]7 Customer Acquisition Cloud is a marketing technology suite that leverages consumer intent to optimise and integrate search, personalisation and assisted conversion. By providing personalised offers to consumers, companies can achieve more effective customer acquisition at a lower cost and increase understanding of how media spending is driving revenue. [24]7’s leading customer engagement technology is already used by major enterprises looking to remove the friction and frustration out of customer service. Now, [24]7’s technology can help companies connect with and influence customers from initial search through to post-purchase support, offering a single, complete view of a customer’s journey.

News Facts

  • This new suite is built upon [24]7’s recent acquisitions of Stockholm-based Campanja, which offers high-frequency search bidding technology and EngageClick, which offers Dynamic Creative Optimization technology, integrated into the [24]7 platform. This enables businesses to leverage consumer intent to optimise search bidding based on where the consumer is in the purchase journey
  • glanvill&Co is led by Jed Glanvill, the former CEO of WPP company, Mindshare, and one of the most experienced and connected media professionals in the UK
  • This new partnership aims to further the current trend for marketing, advertising and customer engagement functions to work together to support the entire customer journey from initial ad through to post-sales support
  • [24]7’s Customer Acquisition Cloud is one of the few solutions that can track customer engagement with big data capability and prediction
  • As marketing and customer engagement roles come together on the advertiser side, [24]7 can help large companies organise themselves to fit this new reality
  • The vast majority of media spend in Europe is managed through agencies, who are looking for solutions that combine customer acquisition with customer engagement
  • Companies such as Wargaming, Starcom and Mediavest are using [24]7’s platform for personalised advertising

Supporting Quotes 

“This partnership is part of a bigger trend where businesses are bringing sales and marketing groups into alignment on all things customer related. As businesses do this, they look for technology that will help bridge the gap that has traditionally existed between the two groups. Our strategic partnership with glanvill&Co gives European agencies the ability to help major advertisers connect with consumers in a smarter, more personalised way.” – Scott Horn, chief marketing officer, [24]7.

“[24]7 struck me as not only a very smart technology and data company, but also one with a clear strategic vision for the future. The [24]7 Customer Acquisition Cloud will be incredibly relevant for advertisers in this region as they develop their business for the new marketing come customer engagement director integrated era.” – Jed Glanvill, chief executive officer, glanvill&Co.

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